Installing Carpet On Stairs

Installing carpets on stairs is not just intended for decorating the place just like kitchen wall décor on the wall of your dull kitchen to spice things up.  For many people, installing carpet on stairs is essential to prevent accidents especially for the elderly and little children.  Many people are aware that bare wooden or metal stairs can be very dangerous to these people, as the floors tend to be slippery.  It is safer to cover the stairs with carpets to make sure no one figures in any accident when going up or down the steps of the stairs.

easy-way installing carpet on stairs

There are different ways of installing carpet on stairs.  The most common methods are the waterfall method and the cap and band.  In the waterfall method, every tread and riser of the stairs are covered.  Simply place the carpet from the top or the landing of the stairs to the first step of the stairs.  The other method of installing carpet on stairs is cap and band installation.  The cap is used to cover the treads, which is the area where people step on, and the band will cover the riser.

On the matter of how to install carpet on stairs, the first thing that should be figured out is the measurement.  The width of the stairs can be calculated by measuring the tread while the length is measured by determining the measure of both the tread and the riser.

The next thing that should be done is to uninstall the old carpet.  There are some homeowners though who make use of the old carpet as padding.  Removing nails and adhesives is a must.  This will ensure the smoothness and evenness of the carpet.  Carpet installers recommend the use of low-pile carpets rather than the high-pile ones.  Low-pile carpets can ensure neatness when properly installed.

stair treads carpet

Covering the treads and risers would be the last step.  Some people choose to cover their stairs completely.  This is more of a fashion statement.  Stair carpets come in different colors and designs.  In choosing stair carpets, it is highly recommended for buyers to check the durability of the carpet first.   Durability can be evaluated by carefully examining the texture, thickness and the carpet fibers.

Actually, the best way of installing carpet on stairs is to seek professional help.  People who want to avoid hassle may want to ask for the help of experts.  This can somehow minimize expenses by knocking out the risk of mistakes when they are installing carpet on stairs. But perhaps putting up a kitchen wall décor on your kitchen wall is way easier than installing a carpet.

Carpet Cost Calculator

Carpeting occupies the biggest part of any house just like the walls. Carpet is also considered a focal point in interior designing. A simple house can become a very elegant dwelling by just replacing the carpet. “How much will my carpet cost?” This is a frequently asked question by many people wanting to revamp their houses through carpeting.

flooring carpet cost calculator

The carpeting installation cost may vary, depending on the size, material, type of carpet which will be used, and the flooring area. Aside from these, one should also consider the labor fees when hiring professional carpet installers, carpet padding, and some other expenses like adhesives and other carpeting tools.

In the carpet cost calculator, there are several things to mull over for one to get the nearest approximation of the cost. As regards how to price carpeting, the most important thing to do is to measure the flooring area. Once the homeowner knows how big the floor area is, he can proceed to purchasing the carpet. A layout of the house structure is also necessary to check on the angles, walls, doors and windows that may hinder the carpeting. Because measuring the area is no easy job, many people seek the help of experts in making a layout of the house structure as well as calculating the floor area. In this way, they are minimizing the risk of miscalculations.

calculating floor and wall carpet cost

Another determinant of the carpet cost calculator is the kind of carpet which will be used and how big it is. There are many carpet designs that people can choose from. Beige-colored carpets are highly recommended by interior designers because it can easily blend with different fixture colors. The texture is also another factor that adds to the beauty of a particular carpet. Many prefer rough carpet with many patterns so dirt and stains will not be noticeable. Carpet generally comes in 3 width sizes which are 15ft, 13ft, and 12ft.
The carpet cost calculator is based on the square yard measurement. Experts recommend calculating the carpet price based on the amount spent in purchasing the carpet along with 10% allowance for miscellaneous such as adhesives, and in case there will be damage (e.g cracked tiles when installing).

For people who don’t want to go through the hassle of calculating carpet cost, there are numerous websites offering free online carpet cost calculator. These sites are very helpful for people who have no idea how much will it going to cost them in carpeting the entire floorings of their houses. Such sites provide ways on how to price marketing. There’s a lot of things you can buy online such as kitchen wall decor and a lot of home items that might interest you.

How To Lay Carpet

Turning an ordinary house into a wonderful haven can be quite difficult and expensive.  However, when one has the knowledge in redecorating the house, from painting, carpeting, arranging furniture to landscaping, adding kitchen wall décor in your kitchen wall, he can design the house effectively while trimming down the cost.  For many homeowners, learning how to lay carpet or how to place a carpet is very much interesting, not just because it can save money but also because they find it fun to refurbish their own house.

how to place carpet on stairs

Learning how to lay carpet is easy when one has the knowhow and is equipped with all the required tools and carpeting materials.  Hiring reliable installers will also be an excellent idea.  A person may just need to spare extra cash to pay for the labor cost but at least, he will find no hassle.

An important thing to consider on how to lay carpet is to make sure the flooring surface is clean.  Some people no longer remove the old carpet as it may serve as the padding.  However, one needs to clean the entire padding or old carpet to make sure that the new carpet will be installed smoothly and no bumps whatsoever.  The flooring should be completely free of dirt and molds prior to placing the new carpet.

Once the area is ready, installing the carpet is next.  Some use adhesive materials to glue the carpet on the floor.  In choosing adhesives, one must carefully select durable glues to ensure durability.  Some carpeting materials have specific adhesives.  One must religiously follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer to install the carpet.  There’s a great need for stretching the carpet to make sure it’ll cover the entire flooring smoothly and beautifully.  Same procedures follow with wall to wall carpeting.

how to lay carpet on floors

Moreover, there are several ways on how to lay carpet tiles.  It would be ideal to come up with a layout on how the carpet tile will be arranged on the floor to save time, effort, and materials.  Once the tile has been properly glued to the floor, excess adhesives and traces should be removed before they get dry.  Using a damp towel or cloth can easily remove such stains.  When using vinyl tiles, it’s a little bit harder to make them perfectly aligned and smooth.  In this case, there’s a need to use a soft block of wood to make the alignment even.  Having extra carpet tiles will also be beneficial in any case there will be damaged tiles during the installation.  It is always wise to seek help from professionals to make sure that the carpeting is placed well.  As well as placing a kitchen wall décor in the right place of the kitchen.

Carpet Installation Cost

Learning about carpet installation cost may take a little time and effort of the homeowners. But in this way, they can actually save more cash, knowing hidden cost, tools, materials, and other factors that add up to the cost are beneficial for a cost-effective carpet installation and most of all, to get away with scammers trying to level up the charges.

carpet installation average cost

Homeowners can either have the company they bought the carpet from to do the installation or they can hire freelancers or contractors who will do the task for them. Many prefer the latter option because some companies charge higher than independent contractors. The following factors affect the pricing for carpet installation:

Removal of Old Carpeting

Unless the house is new, removal of the old carpet will also be included in the carpet installation cost. Some contractors charge from $.50 to $6.00 per tile, depending on the area. Removal does not need extra care because the old carpet will end up thrown in the garbage. People can actually remove the old carpet themselves with the help of family and friends to cut the cost.


There are some states where the carpet installation cost is generally low, like in Florida, for example, it just costs $2 for one to have a square feet of carpet installed. The price of carpet installation, just like in any kinds of business, greatly depends on the demand and supply. The more people who want to revamp their house carpeting, the higher will be the charge of installation.

color choices and pricing for carpet installation

Tools and Materials

Before the carpet can be installed, one will need carpet padding. Carpet padding is not included when people buy carpeting package so this will also add up to the overall carpet installation cost. Tools such as adhesive tapes and glues are also necessary.


This will make up to 50% of the carpet installation cost. Some independent contractors can provide discounts compared to companies selling carpets and offering installation services. Having a list of installers can result to better judgment. One can also ask referrals from friends or relatives to get efficient installers at reasonable labor costs. Many people tend to compare installing costs online. This is a smart way to end up hiring the best installer for a cheaper price.

Just like the kitchen with kitchen wall decor, bathroom, walls and ceilings, floorings should be given attention in turning a house to a wonderful work of art. Many people invest heavily on beautifying their floorings by installing carpets with designs that match the house.

Installing Carpet

Installing carpet needs a few considerations.  You will need some tips to complete the project properly. For one, when you schedule a session for installing carpet, you should consider the day it will be installed. Try not to select a day that is rainy or snowy in case the carpet is left uncovered. The carpet also needs to be measured and cut to fit. Just like installing a kitchen wall décor on your kitchen wall that will match your kitchen as a whole.

how to install padded carpet

Do not have your new carpet installed before painting your home. Always take have your room painted first so the new carpet does not get paint on it. Paint is difficult to remove and it may even lead to the need to replace the carpet. When installing carpet, the paint should be completely dry.

installing carpet on stairs

The carpet installation cost is much lower when you do it yourself.  Most installers charge for the materials, labor and also removal. So how to install carpet you may ask. Before installing carpet, first remove the old carpeting and make sure all moldings and other obstructions are removed to allow the carpet to come out free and to make it easier to install the carpet. You may also want to prepare a vacuum to absorb dust that might come out from unrolling and installing the carpet.

It is important that you must clean the floor before installing carpet.  If necessary, fix any loose boards or wood prior to putting the carpet padding down. Otherwise, after the carpet is installed, some bumps might appear which are caused by protruding objects under the carpet.

installing carpet tiles on floors

Moreover, before the carpet is installed, you must first lay the carpet padding underneath it. This should be laid down in strips and lined next to each other without leaving any gaps in between. Then, the carpet goes over the top of the carpet padding. The carpet should be laid leaving a few inches extra in the edges. Then you can tuck the edges of the carpet into place.

Installing carpet tiles is a little less difficult compared to the usual roll of carpet.  If you feel you are incapable of installing carpet, installing carpet tiles is a great alternative. These are good if your floor is even.  If it is not, the tiles will be uneven which will not look nice.  In this case, this would not be an ideal option to choose.

carpet installation reasonable cost

When installing carpet tiles, it is also important that you plan where you will lay out the carpet tiles. You can draw a grid containing lines or markings on the floor using chalk, to serve as your guide when installing carpet tiles in order to keep the outline straight. Further, you must remove the backing if you are using stick-on tiles.  It is best to work from corner to corner diagonally.  This is a good way to prevent bubbles from forming.

Using these tips, installing carpet is made much easier.  However, it still takes time, patience and care on your part to do this properly.

Buy Magnets

Are you interested in learning about where you can buy magnets from? If so, in this article we are going to go over the various places you can buy magnets from along with the benefits of buying them in bulk. Along with that, we are also going to learn more about permanent magnets. That means that after you finished reading this article, you will learn about the various places where you can get great deals on magnets, the amount of savings you can get when you buy them in bulk, and information on permanent magnets.

buy stylish fridge magnets online

First of all, let us go over a brief overview of the places you can buy magnets from. Along with various hardware and furnishing stores, you can buy magnets and kitchen wall decor online as well. There is a huge range of magnets that are available on the internet in various sizes, shapes and price ranges. You can find every kind of magnet from a small fridge magnet to a large heavy duty custom designed at great value prices. It is essential for you to know the size and shape of the magnet you want before placing the order.

Now, let us go over the benefits of buying magnets in large quantities or in bulk. When you buy magnets in bulk, you not only get great deals on the prices but also get a nice collection, which you can use alternatively. Magnets come in various shapes and sizes along with different attracting power. You can buy the small yet decorative kind for your fridge or the big and bulky ones for various tools or commercial applications.

buy decorative magnets

Finally, let us go over a brief overview of the concept of permanent magnets. If you are looking to buy magnets, an important type of magnets called the permanent magnets are hard to pass by. These magnets are quite long-lasting due to their high level of magnetism and are available in different types such as a fridge magnet or the ferrite bar magnet which is used for educational purposes. You can buy permanent magnets at various magnet retailers and also over the internet.

In conclusion, when you are looking to buy magnet, be it a fridge magnet or a permanent one, it is beneficial to do an online search first. There is a large variety of different magnets available online that come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, they are also available in different price ranges and can be bought in bulk as well.

Speaker Wall Mounts

Speaker wall mounts are a great thing to have so you can get your speakers off the floor, and/or off the furniture. You may have crowded furniture tops and you just do not like this option. This can be very annoying to have in your house. Well, speaker wall mounts can come to your rescue!

on stage speaker wall mounts

You may have an overcrowded floor or furniture in your home theater. You can wall mount speakers to move speakers out of the way and higher up the wall so that sound will better cover the room. If your speakers are currently hidden behind plants and ornaments, maybe you aren’t getting the optimal sound because of this. This is another reason for wall mounted speakers. Wall speaker mounts can be installed by yourself, if you read instructions given in a wall speaker mount kit. Make sure, though to know your speakers’ weight so that you can get the mounts that support your speakers. You can even mount your speakers on the ceiling if you can get ceiling mounts if you would like.

Wall mounted speakers should be put around ear level so you can get the most sound from them if you place them on the walls. Make sure that you can get the speaker mounts that can support the weight of your speakers, so they won’t break or tear out of the wall. ‘
You can even make your own speaker wall mounts, even. Get a 1 and 1/2 inch dowel rod and 2 pieces of wood cut to the size of your speakers. Cut the dowel 2/5ths deep along its length and cut it the length of your speakers. Then put the piece onto the wood block that is also cut the same length as your speakers.

side clamping wall speaker mounts

Glue, and if the speakers are very heavy, better to nail the dowel to the back rectangle of wood. Let the glue dry for several hours to overnight for the best adherence. It is best to clamp these two pieces, the dowel and the wood block together with the glue in between to get a very good bond.

Paint this the color that you would like either black like the speakers usually are, or the color of the wall in the room. Then use a 5/32 drill bit (or 3/16) to drill a hole through the dowel and the block at the same height as the threaded insert in your speaker. Just like mounting up a kitchen wall decor.

Home Stereo Speakers

Home stereo speakers are usually a set of stereo speakers with a woofer connected with an amplifier. These speakers can number from about two of them up to seven of the speakers. Stereo has evolved to multichannel sound. Multichannel sound demands from four to seven independent audio channels, or speakers placed in four corners of the room to get the surrounded sound effect.

high quality home stereo speakers

Wireless home stereo speakers don’t have wires to attach speakers to. They use a frequency to operate the speakers. And you will need to have batteries for the speakers if they don’t plug into a plug in in the wall. The main control of this system will definitely plug into the wall. The main part of this will plug into the wall, though.

The best home theater speakers are ones that are name brands, like Sony, for example. To get the best from home theater speakers get this one: Root Mean Squared, not the peak wattage number. This peak wattage number, just ignore it. What you really want is the Root Mean Squared. Check that the RMS is about 100 or higher, as some go lower than 65 of this.

You can put home stereo speakers in the ceiling. I would say that a speaker once per twelve square feet will work well. Get speakers for the ceiling that is strong enough to be heard if the ceiling is over twelve feet high. If you have a small room and you want ceiling speakers for this, then you would want smaller speakers for this room. A large room would need several larger speakers so that you can hear music or what you might want to listen to clearly.

wireless home stereo speakers audio system

Home stereo speakers will give you more benefit of sound from a movie if you would really like to have a home theater system for your home. A smaller room may only need a four or five speaker set for surround sound, where a large room may need up to a seven speaker set. If you would like, even speakers in the ceiling for a large room can be better, especially if the room is exceptionally large.

Home stereo speakers can be on the ceiling, a surround sound system that ranges from four to seven different speakers plus a woofer. Also, you can get wireless surround sound speaker sets if the room is too large to put wiring through the room and you didn’t want to upgrade to speakers on the ceiling just yet. Maybe you need a temporary “fill-in” until you do get speakers for the ceiling? A four speakers and woofer would be a good temporary for a smaller room. Just like a kitchen wall decor would look good in the kitchen.

Best In Wall Speakers

In wall speakers are a great option for those who wish to convert their home into a home theatre and achieve a surround sound. They score over floor speakers because of their aesthetic value and absence of clutter. The speakers that are kept on the floor generally tend to cause quite a nuisance by coming in the way and also marring the look of your home. In built wall speakers however pose no such problems and provide a much better sound while completely staying out of your way at the same time. There are no obstructions to cleaning the room and the wiring is also not scattered on the floor. The best in wall speakers are those that are installed at a medium level height. Their placement should neither be too high up nor too close to ground level. Many different companies offer diverse models of these speakers for sale online as well as offline.

best in modern wall speakers

There are many points that you need to consider before you purchase these speakers. Your budget needs to be kept in mind before you decide the brand that you intend to buy. The best in wall speakers are provided by high-end brands like JBL and Yamaha. You should definitely consider going in for these if you have a large budget. No other brand can come close to the quality of sound provided by the best in wall speakers manufactured by these companies. On the other hand, if you find yourself a little short on cash but wish to obtain a surround sound system in your home, you can go in for the next best option and purchase cheap in wall speakers from companies like Bose and Pyle. Some of the models by these brands are also quite high on sound quality while along with being highly durable as well as sturdy.

There are many websites offering comprehensive in wall speaker reviews that can be visited before making the choice regarding which models of these speakers to purchase. This decision is also likely to depend upon the size, design and color that you wish to buy speakers in. The best in wall speakers are those that match well and complement the look of your home. The speakers that you bring home should not be in stark contrast to the other elements of your room.

in wall mounted speaker installation

All such speakers come with a detailed guide on in wall speaker installation just like kitchen wall decor. In most cases, you will not be required to call in an expert to do this job for you. A few basic tools like a knife that can cut through the wall, a ladder, a screwdriver, etc are enough to enable you to go through with the installation process. If your speakers need to be mounted a little higher up on the wall, you should consider calling in professional help in order to minimize the chances of accidents. Also, if there is excessive wiring required, you will need an electrician to do this for you.

Surround Sound Speaker Placement

Many people make the switch from their regular television speakers to a surround sound system in which they can receive high quality sound thus making the auditory experience a highly pleasurable one. Having a good surround sound speaker placement can completely transform the way you watch movies and general television shows and enable you to have a truly cinematic experience. You are bound to be much more involved in the material you are watching when you have an appropriate surround sound speaker placement. So, it is not enough to simply invest in a good speaker system. The placement strategy for each speaker needs to be devised in such a way so that you get a superior quality sound that is unparalleled by any other device.

wireless surround sound speakers for home theater

A few guidelines that must be kept in mind before deciding upon your surround sound speaker placement:

1) The area where you will generally be sitting should be determined. The placement of all the speakers should be around this area and keeping in mind the number of people who are regularly going to be seated there.

2) The size and the dimensions of the room also need to be an important consideration.

3) You should also keep in mind the overall shape of your room. A placement strategy meant for a square shaped room should never be adopted for a circular one as it is likely to fail miserably and produce a lower quality experience than it otherwise would have. Just like mounting kitchen wall decor in the kitchen.

living room surround sound speaker placement

There has been a significant breakthrough in the level of technology employed to create surround sound speakers. There are many different designs that you can purchase from the market nowadays. Some of the types that are fast amassing a loyal customer base have been specified below:

1) Wireless surround sound speakers: These speakers, as the name suggests are completely free from hassling wires. Wires are generally said to obstruct movement in a room and are frowned upon because of the messy look that they provide to a certain space. These problems can now be completely done away with by incorporating wireless speakers in your surround sound speaker placement. Another advantage that they offer is that they are extremely portable and can be kept absolutely anywhere as far as their range extends without any obstacles.

2) Flush ceiling speakers: These speakers, as the name suggests are directly mounted onto the ceiling in an indoor area. You need to have a certain depth for the walls of your ceiling to install these speakers successfully. Speakers placed on the ceiling are highly beneficial for those who do not have any extra space in their room to install speakers on the floor or on the walls. Ceiling speakers take up absolutely no space at all and can also be completely hidden from view. They help maintain the prevailing look of a space and do not mar the surroundings or interfere in the interior design in any manner.